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Kindness in the Schools

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Teach Kindfulness

The Kindfulness Curriculum teaches elementary students how to take care of themselves, their communities, and their environments. IMPROVE focus and empathy. REDUCE stress and bullying.         

All lessons align to Common Core Standards for ELA to encourage academic achievement.

Want your students to learn mindfulness, self-regulation, and relationship skills? Request an invitation to the Kindfulness Pioneers Program.


Learn Kind

Learn Kind activates students’ natural curiosity for learning by introducing kindness in the context of scientific inquiry. Centered around timely SEL competencies like self-awareness, empathy, and relationship skills, students experience the many ways that kindness shows up, and the impact it has when it does.

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The Department of Kindness

The Department of Kindness provides teachers with a year-long, interactive adventure where kids embark on Kindness Day missions that are both simple and imaginative enough to inspire them to keep going week after week.

When each mission is completed, they will receive its accompanying Kindness Badge, and learn more about what kindness means to them. Share progress and build community with other kids and classrooms across the nation setting out to build a kinder world with #TheDepartmentOfKindness.

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The Great Kindness Challenge

The Great Kindness Challenge is a positive and proactive bullying prevention initiative for PreK-12 schools. Simply visit the Great Kindness Challenge website and register your school to receive free Great Kindness Challenge tools. During the Great Kindness Challenge week, distribute the checklist to your students and get busy creating a culture of kindness on your campus.

For every registered school we provide a free Great Kindness Challenge checklist and toolkit. After you register your school online and after you verify your registration, the materials will be sent to you in an email as downloadable electronic files.

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Making Caring Common Project – Resources for Educators

A project of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the vision of the Making Caring Common Project is a world in which children learn to care about others and the common good, treat people well day to day, come to understand and seek fairness and justice, and do what is right even at times at a cost to themselves.

We believe that young people with these capacities will become community members and citizens who can strengthen our democracy, mend the fractures that divide us, and create a more caring, just world.

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