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In these difficult times, when loneliness is epidemic, when political differences seem to be tearing our country and communities apart, when the future seems increasingly uncertain, is there any doubt we could all use a bit more kindness? 


Welcome to AOK Maine. We are a new non-profit with the goal of bringing more kindness into our lives here in Maine. We want to help make kindness easier, make kindness a habit, make kindness a movement!


Kindness is about more than just being nice - kindness is about action. Kindness is about how we treat others and how we treat ourselves. Kindness is about taking risks and trying something new. Sometimes kindness is the most courageous thing we can do.


AOK Maine is committed to bringing more kindness into all aspects of life in Maine:


Kindness in the schools


Kindness in the workplace


Kind policing


Kindness and diversity


Kindness at home


Kindness in politics


Kindness online


Kindness in our neighborhoods

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What We Do

Kindness in the Schools


Kindness at Work


Kindness at Home


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PO Box 255, East Waterboro, ME 04030


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