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(See how many you can “find” in yourself to do!)


Serve others:

  •  Hold doors open for people.

  •  Offer to get food for people from the buffet.

  •  Offer to take away people’s trash at meal tables.

  •  Wear a mask when you’re in shared indoor spaces.


Notice People:

  •  Compliment people on what they are wearing, or their tattoos, piercings or hairstyle.

  •  Ask people if there is a story behind their name.

  •  Ask someone how they are and listen DEEPLY to their response. Pay attention to clues of a deeper answer. Inquire further if it feels right.

  •  Check in with someone who seems like they might be struggling.


Appreciate People:

  •  Tell someone if you really appreciated a comment or question that they said.

  •  Tell someone who you’ve known for a long time, or are seeing after a long time apart, how and why you appreciate them.


Practice Restraint:

  •  Let others go ahead of you in line.

  •  Give up your seat.

  •  Leave the last cookie.

  •  Practice “pausing” in conversation, to really listen, not going into your own stories.

  •  Practice silence in session (if you usually talk).


Step Outside Our Bubbles:

  •  Thank hotel staff. Tell them something that shows you notice their work.


Be Your Authentic Self:

  •  Include on your name tag: 1) a meaningful name for yourself; 2) what kindness means to you; 3) something you’d like to be asked or talk about.   

  •  Answer “how are you?” truthfully.

  •  Speak up in session (if you usually don’t).

  •  Sing out loud (where appropriate😊).


Attune With Others:

  •  In sessions, experiment with listening beyond the words. Close your eyes. Absorb the tone, the cadence, the pauses.

  •  Smile at people, say things to people you don’t know like “hi friend!”

  •  Talk to someone who annoys you (and ask yourself why).


Or create your own Acts of Kindness!

Courtesy of NCDD and Acts of Kindness Maine,

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