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Kindness Workshops Fall 2023
Scroll down for locations, times and registration.
Courses are all in the evening and are either free or a nominal charge.


  • To meet like-minded people who believe in “the power of kindness.”

  • To cultivate your inner kindness and allow it to shine more brightly.

  • To learn how to be more kind to yourself.

  • To learn how to bring kindness to politics, social media, etc.

  • To learn how to help someone you know who might be struggling and needs kindness.

Included in our workshops will be exploration of methods to:

  • Set boundaries kindly.

  • Forgive kindly.

  • Tell friends hard truths kindly.

  • Apologize kindly.

  • Live a kind and courageous life!

Our kindness workshops are highly interactive and include both group activities and individual exercises. We’ll share ideas on what it means to be kind in today’s world. We’ll explore how to remove the barriers that keep our natural kindness from emerging. We’ll develop personal “kindness practices” and explore how to support each other in those practices. We’ll investigate the deeper layers of kindness that go beyond giving cookies and being polite, including ideas for “radical acts of kindness.”

And for those who are interested, we'll explore the creation of ongoing community kindness clubs, kindness action teams, and kindness flash mobs!


Click on links for locations, times and registration.

Courses that show multiple dates are intended to be taken as a series. 

Biddeford, October 17                                                                                                         

Bonny Eagle (Buxton and surrounding region), November 14

Lake Region & Fryeburg (Naples and Fryeburg and surrounding region), October 26, November 9, November 30

Lewiston, October 31

Massabesic (Waterboro and surrounding region) November 6

Merrymeeting (Brunswick and surrounding region) October 19, November 2, November 16

Portland, September 28

Sacopee Valley, October 30

Sanford, November 13, November 20, November 27

Windham, September 26

York, October 10, October 24, November 7

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